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RFID Machine Will be widely used


RFID technology has an increasing application potential in the value-added process in the field of machine tool and equipment manufacturing as well as improving the production capacity of enterprises. In the field of machine tool and equipment manufacturing, the application scope of RFID technology covers from the identification of suppliers to the entire production chain, from automatic production control and optimization of raw materials within the company to the maintenance and monitoring of technical services.

As Peter Früauf, deputy chairman of the German Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Manufacturers Association (VDMA) Electric Automation Association, said, today's requirements for RFID technology, bar code recognition technology or two-dimensional code DataMatrix technology in the process of raw materials circulation within the enterprise make the machine The cost of equipment manufacturing companies is constantly increasing the pressure on costs. In the information day event “Application and Experience of RFID machine Technology in Machine Tool Equipment” held by VDMA, the audience can understand everything RFID technology can accomplish. In the technical day of the information day, not only the application examples, but also the advantages, disadvantages, and restrictions of use of this wireless identification technology were introduced, and the mechanical structure of this transmitter was introduced. It can make people clear: RFID technology is not a panacea; people should use RFID  machine technology more correctly from the perspective of economy and technology.

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